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Becoming a member of the UAE workforce involves focusing on several aspects, such as understanding the local employment market and the Middle Eastern economy. However, you will not find one part of the process more important than learning everything you can about MOL UAE.

In this article, you can discover every subject regarding the Ministry of Labor of the UAE. Above all, you will learn its primary function in the Emirates nowadays. So, learn how to perform a Ministry of Labor enquiry by discussing the following topics:

What MOL UAE Aims to Do: Their Goals and Purposes


Getting into the automotive industry in the UAE will give you numerous advantages to enjoy from day one. For example, you will get high income in one of the safest countries worldwide. But what can you do if you face employment disagreements?

Your best option in this sense is to attend the MOL UAE. Above all, we should explain that the letters are an abbreviation of the Ministry of Labor of the UAE. So, does it work like other ministries of the same kind in other countries?

Indeed, the Ministry of Labour in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate oversees the workforce and regulates employment in the region. Therefore, your employer in the financial industry must comply with its mandates to hire, employ, and even dismiss you.

Nonetheless, we think that the best first step we can take regarding explaining to you everything about MOL UAE is the reason for its existence. In other words, let us begin this journey by navigating through its mission and objectives.

MOL UAE’s Mission

All professionals must have a mission during their work every day. For instance, your goal should be to give your customers adequate technical advice if you are an IT consultant. So, how can we translate this into the MOL UAE today?

In this sense, the government of the UAE establishes the mission of the Ministry of Labour of Dubai as the regulation of the labor market, primarily to boost the participation of local citizens. But is this the only aspect of the mission of MOL UAE?

On the contrary, the Ministry of Labour of the UAE also must attract talent by standards, policies, and regulations. For example, it can do it by promoting HR consultancy for all local companies in every Emirate. Indeed, they can include institutional partnerships and outstanding services into the equation.

In summary, the mission of MOL UAE involves helping every talented professional find a job in the country. Nonetheless, you may need to see this in a more detailed manner. Fortunately, you can do so by discovering the vision and objectives of the Ministry of Labour in Sharjah.

MOL UAE’s Vision

As an expert in the consumer market, several aspects of your work involve knowing how to predict the future. Logically, the MOL UAE also wants to achieve this to help employees and employers more. But what does the Ministry of Labour of the UAE want to achieve?

You can locate the answer to this question by reviewing the vision of MOL UAE. Indeed, it states that the Ministry of Labour in Sharjah aims to create a stable labor market and a productive workforce in the Emirates. Does it end there? No, you can find more.

Another part of the vision of MOL UAE is promoting a competitive knowledge-based economy. In other words, their goal is to develop a market where business growth strategies are an everyday topic in every company. Remember, the primary beneficiary of all this is the UAE citizen.

In short, the vision of MOL UAE reveals its vision of a future full of job opportunities for local citizens and foreign talent. By all odds, we can ensure they have the resources and motivation to transform this vision into a reality.

MOL UAE’s Objectives

You may have several objectives to achieve during your business bank account opening in Dubai. For example, you could open one to handle your finances more adequately in the Middle East. Does it apply to MOL UAE nowadays?

Undoubtedly, you will not find any objective related to finances for the Ministry of Labour in Abu Dhabi. Instead, you will discover that its primary objective is the supervision of the implementation of federal labor law. On the other hand, they also must manage labor relationships.

Furthermore, MOL UAE also must manage the local job market. In other words, they must handle the case you submitted through the labour complaint number in Dubai regarding your healthcare facility. Lastly, we should mention one final objective.

Indeed, the Ministry of Labour of the UAE must develop and implement policies to create new jobs. Hence, they are the government branch with the responsibility of promoting employment. Assuredly, it is one of the primary goals of the Emirates.

Services Offered by MOL UAE

When assessing your future engineering and construction company, its mission and objectives were your first focus. However, your next assignment is to analyze the offered services in detail. But how can we apply this to our study of MOL UAE?

Logically, the services offered by the Ministry of Labour of the UAE relate to employment. More specifically, they provide tools to get employment information and resolve labor disputes. So, let us detail some of them to help you understand MOL UAE more.

First, MOL UAE provides all workers in the Emirates with a labour complaint number. Indeed, you can use it to file an employment complaint via phone call, regardless of the industry. Hence, it applies to employees even in the hospitality business.

On the other hand, MOL UAE provides tools to perform a Ministry of Labour enquiry. For instance, you can use its website to ask questions about salary issues, the WPS, and more. By all odds, you will consider it an outstanding site.

Lastly, employees with financial problems can also contact MOL UAE without problems. After all, the Ministry provides a labour complaint toll-free number for these cases. As a result, you can call them free of charge as long as you are in the UAE.

Importance of MOL in UAE

As you now know, MOL UAE has a defined mission, established objectives, and several services that you can use during your employment in the Emirates as an internal audit. However, one question remains unanswered: why is the Ministry of Labour of the UAE important?

Above all, the importance of MOL UAE lies in how employment is improving the local economy and society. For example, numerous employment disputes are resolved today by performing a MOL enquiry UAE online. This way, the workforce will keep growing at an adequate rate.

Moreover, the Ministry of Labour of Dubai has the power to boost economic sectors that the country needs to gain a market advantage. For instance, it can impulse policies to create jobs in the energy and utilities industry.

Lastly, the importance of MOL UAE also relates to protecting employees and employers in the country. After all, you will need all the help you can get after designing one of 9 fantastic small business ideas that succeed in Dubai.

So, we revealed why MOL UAE is important in the Emirates nowadays. At this point, it is time to indicate how to report a problem to the Ministry.

Report a Problem to MOL in the UAE

It is a Tuesday afternoon, and you are not having a good day as an accounting services provider in the Emirates. Indeed, you and your employer cannot agree on your compensation after working overtime last week. So, how can you resolve this dispute?

One excellent method you can apply is reporting your problem to MOL UAE. Above all, it implies calling the labour complaint number in Dubai to explain your vantage point. As a result, the Ministry of Labour of the UAE will handle the issue to resolve it.

Besides the labour complaint toll-free number, you can also report a problem to MOL UAE in other ways. For example, you can use the Ministry website to find another contact method. After all, it will provide emails to submit the required documents.

Logically, you should not report a problem to MOL UAE regarding import and export business opportunities in Dubai. However, you can do so if your employment needs assistance from government authorities. Undoubtedly, they will help you in every stage.

Easily Contacting MOL UAE


We mentioned earlier that MOL UAE offers a labour complaint number in Dubai to file employment disputes smoothly. Nevertheless, you can find other non-challenging ways to contact the Ministry of Labour in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. Let us discuss some of them.

Indeed, one method we are revealing at this point is attending an office of MOL UAE. In this sense, you will find several in every corner of the Emirates. Therefore, you will not have problems locating the nearest one to your criminal law firm.

Furthermore, you can also contact MOL UAE by hiring legal firms that will provide you with excellent assistance. After all, we know the Ministry of Labour of Sharjah is among their areas of expertise, alongside commercial law and immigration disputes.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that contacting MOL UAE will get you one step closer to resolving your employment disagreement. However, remember that they will ask you for all the evidence you have regarding your case. Even your call at the labour complaint number will be considered as one.

Let us help you save time by providing the contact information of MOL UAE:

  • Contact email: ask@mohre.gov.ve
  • Labour complaint number: +970-680-27666
  • Labour complaint toll-free number: 80060
  • MOL UAE’s website:mohre.gov.ae

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