Family Business Regulation in UAE: Ensuring Success and Compliance

If you are looking for support with family business regulation in UAE, we are here for you! With our family business consultancy, you can keep your compliance with the local laws. Consequently, you can keep expanding while adhering to the guidelines.

    Future of Family Business Regulation in UAE: Innovating & Sustaining Success

    Family offices can be small or large, operate internally or outsourcing to third-party professionals. However, to keep the family business regulation importance in Dubai is a must. A family business should always be driven by its ultimate objective, which is to align the company with the financial interests of a family. Also, this will make it simpler for the family to handle its holdings, gain reliable guidance when regarding tax and succession strategies, and improve cooperation among family members.

    With the support of family business consultancy services, companies can overcome the challenges of family business regulation in Dubai. Abiding by rules and laws can be complex, especially for new companies in the area. Consequently, hiring a firm to take care of every family business regulation in UAE is a great idea.


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    Get the assistance you need to handle the immigration process to the UAE. To enable you to work legally, our skilled team can assist you with obtaining visas, approvals, certifications, and more.

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    In the UAE, find the consulting assistance your family business needs. Consequently, family business consultancy can assist you with a variety of decisions.


    With our assistance, consultants in the UAE can help you get the data you need to run your business operations. You may then control procedures and streamline operations as a result.

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    When business is sluggish, getting crisis management assistance may be a wise option. As a result, you can get in touch with us anytime you need help.


    With the aid of our legal consultation services, let us assist you in upholding your legal obligations in the UAE. Therefore, it is likely that you are unaware of the most recent regulatory developments.

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    You can easily enhance your company by using our services. Consequently, we will take care of the family business regulation future in UAE. We will guarantee to follow all the rules so you may get the necessary permissions and licenses for your business.



    We have the expertise necessary to give you a moral business formation experience because we are a leading family business consulting firm. Our team has years of experience working in this sector, so they have the knowledge to manage compliance laws successfully.



    With our family services, we can provide you with the openness you require. You can be confident that our staff will use every effort to ensure the success of your company. Allow us to manage your procedures and deliver fruitful outcomes for you.



    Family business regulation in UAE consultation can provide you with the ongoing help you require. Working with a business consultant may have a different of benefits. Including aid with financial management, the development of executable company plans, the design of operational processes and regulations, and more.

    With our help, you can make a name for yourself and succeed in the local market while following the proper regulations. So, we will give you all the tools and resources to keep your business legal. Therefore, let us work together to maximize the potential of your company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some of the most frequently asked questions:

    The new law is the Federal Decree Law No.37 of 2022 on Family Businesses (the “Law”) came into force on January 1st 2023. The Law applies to all family businesses in the UAE, including those in free zones, subject to any relevant local company laws.

    The Law is based on a voluntary registration system, which means that family businesses can choose whether to register under the Law or not. However, registering under the Law may provide some benefits and incentives for family businesses, such as:

    • The ability to create different classes of shares with different rights and obligations, which is a ground-breaking development for onshore limited liability companies (LLCs).
    • The possibility of obtaining special benefits and incentives from the federal and emirate level authorities, such as tax exemptions, subsidies, preferential treatment in government contracts, etc.
    • The access to bespoke dispute resolution processes specific for family businesses, such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation.
    • The support from accredited advisers and corporate service providers who can assist family businesses with their legal, financial and administrative matters.

    Family businesses can register under the Law by entering into a family ownership contract, which is a written agreement among the family members who own the majority of the shares or assets of the family business. The family ownership contract should include:

    • The identification of the family members who are parties to the contract and their respective shares or assets.
    • The objectives, vision and mission of the family business.
    • The governance structure and rules of the family business, such as the board of directors, management team, committees, etc.
    • The succession plan and procedures for transferring shares or assets among family members or to third parties.
    • The dispute resolution mechanisms for resolving any conflicts among family members or with third parties.

    The family ownership contract should be registered with the competent authority in each emirate where the family business operates. The registration fees and procedures may vary depending on the emirate.

    Family businesses should follow some best practices to ensure their sustainability and competitiveness under the new law, such as:

    • Adopting a clear and transparent governance structure that defines the roles and responsibilities of each family member and ensures accountability and oversight.
    • Developing a comprehensive succession plan that ensures a smooth transition of leadership and ownership from one generation to the next.
    • Seeking professional advice from accredited advisers who can help with legal, financial and administrative matters related to the family business.
    • Following the principles of proper governance and good conduct that are prescribed by certification and accreditation programs under the new law.

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