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ministry of foreign affairs dubai

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai, most commonly known as MOFA Dubai, is a government department that serves as a link between the UAE and the world. Thus, it is a window for the rest of the countries and it has several duties and responsibilities with both residents and expatriates.

In this article, you are going to gain more insight into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai. Moreover, you will understand the key services it offers such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation, consular services, diplomatic relations, and more.

Consular Services for Residents and Expatriates

ministry of foreign affairs dubai

When it comes to handling crucial documents like the passport and visa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE can help individuals with what they need.

What’s more, in the case an individual needs an attestation of a particular, they can go to any of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation centers to carry out this process.

Keep in mind that before applying for a UAE Visa, it is important to get an attestation for all of the documents issued abroad.

Getting visa services promptly, so you can have your documents up-to-date, is a must, particularly if you are an expatriate or a resident.

In addition, it is important to point out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai also offers services related to the Emirates ID card. Through the website, you can carry out the following:

  • Cancellation of ID card
  • Modify ID card
  • Issue ID card
  • Renew ID card
  • Request lost or damaged ID card Replacement

Passport Services

Having a valid passport is a must in case of relocation and transitioning to a new destination. However, if you are a foreign citizen, either a resident or an expatriate, residing in the UAE, you must get help when you need it in terms of your documents.

In this case, the Embassy of your country in Dubai can provide assistance as to how to renew your passport or how to replace a lost one.

On the other hand, when referring to Consular Service, it means that as a foreign individual who wants to visit the UAE, you can get support from the UAE diplomats and request information.

Thus, you can go to the UAE Consulate in your country, and request the information you need.

Visa Services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE is in charge of announcing everything about visa updates and which nationalities need this crucial document.

Given that some nationalities can enter the UAE without a prior entry visa, individuals must enter the MOFA website to check if they are exempted or not.

Therefore, the MOFA official site has all the information regarding pre-entry visa exemptions for individuals holding an ordinary passport. Thus, those that plan to visit the UAE for tourism purposes, have to check this information first.

Nonetheless, for specific visa requirements, individuals have to check the ICP site. For example, some of the countries that do not require a visa to enter are the following:

  • Netherlands
  • Albania
  • Norway
  • Colombia
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Brazil

On the other hand, there are many countries that need visas. In this case, MOFA is in charge of providing Visas for individuals with diplomatic or ordinary passports. Some of the countries that need visas are the following:

  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Iraq
  • Egypt
  • Venezuela
  • Dominican Republic
  • Nigeria
  • Jordan
  • Pakistan

By having the support of this government department with your visa, you can avoid facing issues like a visit visa fine.

Diplomatic Relations and International Cooperation

Establishing solid diplomatic relations is a must for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai. In this regard, it is important for the UAE’s foreign relations to expand its generosity towards people in need.

Moreover, the UAE is highly connected to the world, and for this reason, Dubai is considered a commercial hub in the Middle East. Therefore, the Emirates also provides foreign assistance, as well as emergency and humanitarian response as part of their international cooperation.

Bilateral and Multilateral Relations

The UAE government and public sector have worked tremendously to ensure outstanding relations with other countries of the world. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai has dedicated efforts to creating diplomatic relations with other sovereign states.

Nonetheless, the Ministry has also considered multilateralism, or multilateral relations, as a way to strengthen the economy, politics, and culture between countries.

In terms of traditional bilateralism, the UAE has solid relations with many powerful countries around the world, such as the following:

  • USA: a bilateral relation that has been expanding continuously ever since 1971. Thus, the goal is to promote security and peace in the Gulf, as well as to address threats that could put in danger regional instability.
  • Brazil: another outstanding bilateral relation is with this major country in South America. This relationship is enhanced thanks to the official visits carried out through the years from both countries. Thus, it promotes and consolidates economic relations.
  • China: another strong ally of the UAE is the giant Asian country. They have cooperated intending to enhance the economy and culture.

MOFA is in charge of conducting all formalities and ceremonies for diplomatic missions that are representing the Emirates around the world. Therefore, it is a key service when it comes to establishing bilateral and multilateral relations.

Participation in International Forums

With the participation in international forums, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bur Dubai looks to attract foreign investment to the Emirates.

Therefore, the UAE has participated and will continue to participate in international forums to build and strengthen relations with other countries.

The following are some of the forums in which the UAE participated:

  • EU Indo-Pacific forum: this was an opportunity that sparked a fruitful discussion between the UAE, the European Union, and Indo-Pacific countries to foster collaboration. Some of the fields in which countries plan to cooperate are economy, digital transition, supply and value chains, and research and innovation.
  • Forum of UAE Ambassadors and Representatives of Missions: in this 18th session, the goal was to explore the current issues that missions face at the international level. Moreover, the forum served to highlight the UAE’s values and commitment to diplomatic relations and international cooperation.
  • Japan-UAE Business Forum: participants from the private and public sectors of Japan and UAE gathered in a business forum to strengthen partnership and cooperation between them.

Given that hospitality and leisure are two of the features by which the UAE is known, they want to participate in international cooperation and welcome others interested in learning more about their culture.

Crisis Management and Consular Assistance Abroad

UAE citizens who are traveling or residing abroad can rest assured that in the case of an emergency, they can get support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai.

What’s more, there is an Emergency Line provided by the MOFA where UAE citizens can call and receive a prompt response. Thus, Emiratis can be confident that they receive help based on the highest standards.

This emergency line has the following characteristics:

  • 24/7 support
  • Users do not need to register on the platform
  • Subsequently, the individual can receive help immediately
  • It is not required to submit any documentation
  • There is no service fee since it is a free service

Emergency Evacuations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai has been carrying out evacuations of Emiratis who are in need of assistance abroad.

Thus, the MOFA has prepared teams that are highly competent and experienced in dealing with all sorts of emergency reports. Moreover, they follow emergency plans already established based on the utmost standards.

This way, they can ensure the safety of UAE nationals who are abroad. According to the statistics, the Ministry offers emergency evacuations following the following standards:

  • Fast response, addressing reports in less than 10 seconds
  • Prompt evacuation of UAE citizens that are in danger, such as a natural disaster or other
  • The application channel is a 24/7 phone number
  • Emiratis can submit their emergency report and receive assistance on how to evacuate

The only term and condition for receiving expedited support in evacuation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai is being a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, if you are an Emirati, you can travel and stay abroad without worries since the MOFA will attend to your emergency requests

Consular Support and Legal Assistance

UAE citizens that are abroad, can receive consular support and legal assistance from the Ministry. Moreover, there is no need to go to any of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation centers, as the UAE Embassy will take care of their needs.

In this regard, UAE citizens who are abroad can request the following services:

  • Issuance of ordinary passports
  • Renewal of ordinary passports

As simple as it may be, UAE citizens can get support with their immigration and visa needs. What’s more, they get access to a service called Issuance of Return Document. Thus, this is in case the individuals have lost or damaged their documentation or have expired.

To do this, the individual has to access any of the Smart Channels and apply for the service. Therefore, it is necessary to fill out the application form and attach the required documentation.

The following are the documents they can get and what they need:

  • Loss of ordinary passport: personal photo, copy of lost passport, and copy of passport loss report.
  • Damage of ordinary passport: personal photo and copy of damaged passport.
  • Expiry of ordinary passport: personal photo and copy of expired passport.

Lastly, as an Emirati abroad you can get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation for your legal documents. The following are the steps for attestation:

  • Registration
  • Application
  • Fees payment
  • Confirmation that the application has been successful
  • Visit the mission headquarters for document attestation

Cultural Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy

ministry of foreign affairs dubai

Another of the key services offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai is related to the diplomatic service. Moreover, the Ministry works hard to promote the image of the country and its values through events and exhibitions.

Also, the Ministry provides diplomatic information that enables the missions to carry out their tasks.

Cultural Events and Exhibitions

One of the aspects that the MOFA Dubai carries out is Events and Conferences aimed at individuals. The purpose of these is to be a window for institutions to express and demonstrate the beauty of Dubai.

Some of the events MOFA has held previously are the following:

  • Art Fair: An annual fair that brings together several art galleries, both local and international, to offer their artwork for sale. Moreover, they also show exhibitions and artist commissions.
  • International Book Fair: This was a two-day event where authors and those with a high love for the written word could get together. What is more, it was a possibility for readers to engage with professionals around the world.
  • Crisis and Emergency Management Summit: this summit was prepared to discuss the crisis, emergency, and disaster management mechanisms. Thus, it was a way to enhance the knowledge about this matter and to unify efforts in this area.
  • AETEX Exhibition: In this exhibition, exhibitors showcased their products and services.
  • Children’s reading festival: This event was a cultural celebration that allowed not only children but also adults to immerse themselves in the beautiful world of reading. Thus, it was prepared to be a family-friendly event that promoted joy and development in society.

Public Diplomacy Campaigns

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs bur Dubai is aware of the importance of public diplomacy for enabling cross-cultural dialogue

Through several press conferences and cultural exchange work, Dubai is able to create a great understanding between nations and people. In addition, this increases mutual respect and internal collaboration.

As it has been mentioned by MOFA, the UAE’s foundational values are stability, tolerance, and peace. Thus, the goal is to transmit this through several public diplomacy campaigns following solid strategies to work for cooperation with nations.

Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai is an important government department, it is crucial for both businesses and individuals to know which services they offer. If you are looking for business consultants who that help you understand more about how to navigate the UAE, contact us.

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