How to Get a Business License in Abu Dhabi

business license in abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi have become a hub for companies from around the world. However, setting up a business in Abu Dhabi requires more than just having an idea; involves obtaining a valid business license. If you want to start a business in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. You must apply for a business license in Abu Dhabi as part of the process. It is a legal requirement to have a business license in Abu Dhabi if you want to start any type of commercial activity there.

In this article. You will learn about how to get business license in Abu Dhabi, benefits of starting a business in Abu Dhabi, steps to get a business license in Abu Dhabi. How much does a business license in Abu Dhabi cost? And you will explore obtaining a business license in Abu Dhabi to help you get started with your business idea.

Benefits of starting a business in Abu Dhabi

business license in abu dhabi

Starting a business in Abu Dhabi has many benefits, such as:

  • An open and dynamic economy that offers opportunities for growth and diversification. This means you will have access to a large market of consumers and business customers for your products or services.
  • Also, a strategic location that connects East and West, with excellent transportation and logistics networks. From your base in Abu Dhabi, you will be able to quickly reach billions of consumers and countless corporate clients.
  • Besides, a favorable environment for investors, with policies that facilitate the registration and operation of companies.
  • As well, an exemption from income tax and corporate tax, as well as import and export taxes. Abu Dhabi has low income and corporation tax rates, meaning you can keep more of your business profits to reinvest and continue growing.
  • Additionally, the possibility of having foreign ownership in the Free Zones, which offer additional incentives such as quality infrastructure, support services and security. This makes them attractive options for setting up a business in the city.
  • So, rental of large facilities that will help you easily rent large facilities and warehouses to manage your business or store large inventories. This will give you access to better infrastructure and more space to grow your business.
  • Besides, Obtaining a residence visa. This allows the businessman and his family to live in the city and benefit from its services, such as healthcare, education and banking.
  • Likewise, a high quality of life, with a multicultural, tolerant and stable society.

Steps to get a business license in Abu Dhabi

The correct business permit in Abu Dhabi. Is essential when establishing a company in Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates. A valid Abu Dhabi business license allows your newly formed company to operate legally. In the city and conduct business activities with greater security and confidence.

Also, without a valid license, your business may be subject to fines or even closure by authorities. Si, obtaining a trade license in Abu Dhabi is usually relatively easy if you follow the steps below to do so.

Choose a Company Name

The first step in setting up a business in Abu Dhabi is to choose a name for your business. Your company name must comply with various rules and requirements related to business naming in the United Arab Emirates.

As well, one of the requirements is that your company name clearly describes what your company does. You should avoid potentially offensive terms. As well, as titles that may be misleading or sound similar to other existing businesses.

Apply for an Abu Dhabi Business License

Entrepreneurs and investors. Can choose between two types of business license in Abu Dhabi: an Abu Dhabi mainland license or a free zone license. That is why, with free zone licenses, you get the benefit of paying 0% income tax. Quick and easy office setup, and 100% foreign ownership of your business.

Submit all the Documents

So, you will need to submit a variety of business documents as part of the business establishment process, including:

  • An application for registration with the Department of Economic Development or the competent authority of the free zone.
  • Your Passport copy
  • A copy of your business plan
  • Your company name approval certificate copy
  • Copy of your local sponsor’s passport (if required)
  • A copy of Emirates ID
  • Your memorandum of association
  • Your office lease
  • Copies employee visas

A Business License will be issued

If all documents and paperwork are submitted correctly. Your Abu Dhabi business license will generally be issued within a few days. To get your business license the first time, we recommend hiring specialist. Who can advise you on all the documents required for your particular type of business and make sure they are completed correctly.

How much does a business license cost in Abu Dhabi?

business license in abu dhabi

A trade permit in Abu Dhabi usually depends on the complexity of your business application. The number of visas you apply for and the location of your business (free zone or mainland).

Also, the cost of a business license in Abu Dhabi generally starts from 10,000 to 30,000 DRH. But can vary depending on the type of business, structure and location. Also, it depends on the type of license required for your business activity.

That is why, it is cheaper to go with a free zone license in Abu Dhabi. But in some cases it will be more practical to apply for a continental license. Also, there are six types of business license in Abu Dhabi available:

  • Industrial
  • Tourism
  • Professional
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Occupational

Additionally, you must take into account the costs of registration, sponsorship, office rental, and other operating expenses. We recommend that you consult with our business formation experts in Abu Dhabi. So, to obtain an accurate and personalized estimate of a license in Abu Dhabi, you can visit our website and contact us now.

On the other hand. If you want to know more about small business license in Abu Dhabi, home business license in Abu Dhabi, and food business license in Abu Dhabi or other articles of interest. We invite you to visit our insigths here.

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