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Are you looking to expand your business through out Dubai, UAE? With us, you can obtain the support you need to take your company to new levels. We are one of the top business consultants in Dubai, so, let us give you the tools and advice you need to make the best business decisions.

Business Consultants in Dubai

Our Services

Audit & Assurance

With the help of our audit and assurance solutions in Dubai, keep your company inside the law. As a result, we will give you the transparency required for effective business administration.


We can help your team travel to the UAE. You may easily boost your company immigration by employing our consultancy services in Dubai to acquire visa aid and more.

Family Business

With the assistance of our professionals, you can easily navigate all the various stages of starting a family business in the UAE. As a result, you will not be worried about the process risks.


As one of the top advisers in Dubai, we can provide you with the advice you need to make the best business decisions. Therefore, we provide the knowledge you need to expand your business.

Crisis Management

Our team have the expertise necessary to deal with the difficulties your company may face during a crisis. Consequently, we are the best partner you can have to manage your emergency.


Maintain your company's legal compliance with the help of our legal staff. As a result, you will not have to worry about paying fines or suffering penalties while starting a firm.

People & Organization

We can give you the tools you need to manage your business and hire qualified employees. So, let us deal with the management of your team and organization.


Our company can give you the tools and resources you need to create the best strategies to succeed in the market. We can put them to use and see your company thrive in the UAE.

Top Business Consultants in Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Consultancy services are necessary if you are going through new internal processes, experiencing difficulties with company culture, or want a fresh business plan to mirror the future you want for your business. Therefore, if you are looking to make changes within your company, hiring the best consultancy in Dubai is the step you need to make. Regardless of the risks you may be facing, our business consultants in UAE can assist you in adjusting to the market realities of today. As a result, your business may have minimal or no downtime if you have the right tools in place.

Our solutions can be tailored to assist a variety of change initiatives, from modest tactical upgrades to substantial transformational projects. Our business consultants in Dubai are seasoned professionals and leaders who put the needs of their clients first. They are driven by delivering excellence. Also, they are able to navigate and manage challenging projects while productively collaborating with various business and technological companies.


The road to affordable autonomous mobility

The road to affordable autonomous mobility

The road to affordable autonomous mobility

The road to affordable autonomous mobility

We empower businesses to gain a competitive edge through our Business Consultancy Services in UAE

As a strong consultancy company in Dubai, we will give you the empowerment you need to succeed. Let us improve your business while you focus on your expansion through the area.

Business Consultancy Services in UAE

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    Steve Ogara

    “MBS Consultancy understood Dubai’s pulse and helped us formulate a tailored growth plan.
    Best decision for our business success!”

    “MBS Consultancy understood Dubai’s pulse and helped us formulate a tailored growth plan.
    Best decision for our business success!”

    “MBS Consultancy understood Dubai’s pulse and helped us formulate a tailored growth plan.
    Best decision for our business success!”

    Steve Ogara
    Rahman Talboom

    “MBS Consultancy’s professionalism and expertise exceeded our expectations.
    Their strategic advice and support drove our Dubai growth. Highly recommended!”

    Rahman Talboom
    Vitor Cavalcanti

    MBS Consultancy’s invaluable insights and strategies elevated our business in Dubai.
    Highly recommended for their exceptional support!

    Vitor Cavalcanti
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are some of the most frequently asked questions

    Hiring a business consultancy in Dubai can greatly simplify the procedure. Also, it can guarantee that you follow regulations, and improve your chances of success even though it is not mandatory
    by law.

    A consultancy company in Dubai can provide the following benefits:
     Expertise.
     Experience.
     Cost and time efficiency.
     Tailored solutions.
     Valuable connections and much more.

    Business consultants in Dubai will help you navigate legal procedures, assist with document preparation, communicate with government officials, and guarantee adherence to local laws.

    To support your firm after the initial setup phase, business consultants can help with bookkeeping, accounting, VAT enrollment, visa filing, and other administrative procedures. Additionally, through market study and analysis, business consultants may assist you in understanding your target market. Consequently, locating opportunities and creating winning strategies.

    A business consulting firm can help you find possible investors and create a thorough company plan. Both local and foreign entrepreneurs can gain from business consulting services. This, because they offer insightful advice for navigating the establishment of a business in Dubai.

    Yes, business consulting firms may help you through the rules and processes for obtaining visas for your personnel. Also, to ensure timely compliance and prevent penalties, business consultancies can assist with renewal processes and more. Having the support of business consultants in Dubai can be a plus for any type of business.